United States v. Schooner Emperor

United States v. Schooner Emperor

Lower Court

  • United States Supreme Court


  • 1839


  • 476


  • 864



At a special term of the United States

Superior and District Court of West Florida

began and held in the City of Pensacola

on the 12th day of June in the year

of our Lord one thousand eight

hundred and thirty seven, and

of the Independence of the United

States the 61st year.

Present the Honorable John A. Cameron Judge

United States


Schooner Emperor


Charles G. Cox

In Admiralty

(order of Court

June 12th 1837)

In this case it is ordered that

Henry Michelet, [B?]andon Kelly and John Campbell

be and are hereby appointed to value and appraize

said Schooner Emperor, and upon the [?]

of said Commissioner (they being first duly sworn

by competent authority the truth to say) the Marshall

of West Florida shall allow the Master or owners

of said Schooner, to [?] the same by entering

into Bond payable to the United States of America with

two good and sufficient securities, to be approved

of by the marshal in a sum double of the said

appraized [?] conditioned that the said Schooner

Emperor, shall be [?] to the custody of the marshal

aforesaid with her tackle apparel and furniture

before the first day of November Term next

and thereafter to abide by and stand to and perform

the future decrees and order of this court in

the [premises?]; And it is further ordered that the

District Attorney of United States have [?]

to amend his information in said case by

[?] of a copy on the said Charles G. Cox, and

it is further ordered that this case be continued