United States v. Schooner Emperor

United States v. Schooner Emperor

Lower Court

  • United States Supreme Court


  • 1839


  • 476


  • 864


2nd I do not know of my own knowledge that said vessel entered the Bay of St. Josephs but was told by Crosky that she came into that Bay sometime in the month of February1837 and that she brought slaves from the Islands of Cuba

3rd All I know on the subject is contained in the above answer.

4th Mr. Crosky told me that said slaves belonged to him and Paul de Malherbe and that they were purchased in Cuba.

5th Mr. Joseph Crosky placed under my control eight slaves which he said were from the Island of Cuba, and which I believe to be African

6th As I have already said, Crosky told me said slaves were brought into the Country by the Schooner Emperor.

7th I can state nothing in addition to what is already stated in my several answers.

(signed) Robert C. Adams

Answers of Wm M. Loften

1st Of my own knowledge I know nothing on this subject of the vessel or the Master of the Vessel that brought slaves into the country, but from report I believe that said Schooner when under the command of one Cox brought slaves into Florida some time during the last Spring.

2nd Some time in February or Match last several slaves which I believed to be Africans crossed my ferry on the St. Andrews Bay and were owned by Mr. Joseph Crosky who was in company.

3rd It was my opinion that said slaves were recently brought from Africa, and soon after said slaves crossed the ferry I was confirmed in the opinion that they were from some foreign country; and gave information to the District Attorney

4th I can state nothing further on the subject.

(signed) W. M. Loften