Roberts v. Cargo Ship Ajax

Roberts v. Cargo Ship Ajax

Lower Court

  • Monroe County


  • 1836


  • 476


  • 865


Witness the Honorable James Webb, Judge of the said Court for the said District this 19[th] day of November A.D. 1836 & of the Independence of the United States the sixty first year

Alder H.H. Jackson Clerk

The United States of America

Southern Judicial District of Florida

To the Marshal of the Superior Court for the said District Greeting:

Whereas Richard Roberts, master of the Schooner Splendid, W.H. Bethel master of the sloop Sudlow W.C. Greene, master of the Schooner Hester Ann, and Austin Packer, master of the sloop Mount Vernon (all regularly licensed wrecking vessels) have exhibited their libel against the cargo of the American ship Ajax stating alleging: that about three o'clock P.M. of the 14[th] inst. The Libellant Roberts discovered a ship Ashore on the easterly part of Carysfort Reef & on boarding her about an hour afterwards found her to be the ship Ajax, H[?] master, of & from New York, bound to Mobile with an assorted cargo. That on the said Libellant enquiring of the master if he desired assistance, he received for answer that he did not certainly know, but would call on him when he should desire his aid. That about 7 o'clock P.M. of the second day, the master of the Ajax sent his boat along side the Schooner Splendid for