Roberts v. Cargo Ship Ajax

Roberts v. Cargo Ship Ajax

Lower Court

  • Monroe County


  • 1836


  • 476


  • 865


Fasts & chains, split two of her timbers & injured her band & bow. Finding it too dangerous to continue the sloop alongside, chopped her off, & commenced boating cargo on board from the wreck, & finished loading her under deck about 6 o'clock P.M. of the 13[th] reserving the cabin & deck for the use of the passengers. After loading the Sudlow, her crew continued their labors in hoisting goods on board the schooner Splendid, & to hoist merchandise from the lower Hold of the ship to prevent there reoccurring damage from the water, the ship having bilged in the morning. The continued at this Employment till 12 o'clock at night, where the Sudlow sailed for Key West where she arrived on the 16[th] On the morning of the 16[th], it being calmer, the Splendid was again hauled along side the wreck and by nine o'clock finished taking her deck load, where she was dropped off, and the schooner Hester Ann was hauled along side, & loaded her & hauled her off by sun down, where the sloop Mount Vernon was hauled along side, & the actors continued loading her till 12 o'clock at night where it commenced blowing so hard that she was hauled off for safety. All hands continued laboring in the hold of the ship recovering merchandise from the water till 3 o'clock in the morning. At day light the sloop was again hauled along side & was loaded by 10 o'clock A.M. The Splendid, Hester Ann, the Mount Vernon, recovered the steerage passengers & crew of the ship, being about fifty in all, and their baggage, and arrived in Key West on the evening of the 18[th] [?]. Your libellants say that they could have saved & brought to this port a much greater amount of property, but from reserving accommodations & room for the passengers & crew of the ship.