Roberts v. Cargo Ship Ajax

Roberts v. Cargo Ship Ajax

Lower Court

  • Monroe County


  • 1836


  • 476


  • 865


And afterwards writ on the twenty first day of November & of the year aforesaid, Charles A. Heine, late master of said ship Ajax, by his proctor William Maurice Esq. filed in the office of the said Clerk, his petition for a sale of such portion of the cargo of said ship as might be formed to be damaged and in a perishing condition, & which said petition is in this words and figures following to wit:

To the Honorable James Webb

Judge of the Superior Court for the Southern Judicial District of Florida

The Petition of Chal. A Heine master of the wrecked ship Ajax respectfully shows, that the cargo of the said ship brought to this port has been libellant for salvage & attached by the marshal & that a number of boxes trunks of [etc.] & other goods, are wet and greatly damages & ought to be sold immediately to prevent a total loss of them. Wherefore he respectfully prays an order for such sale to issue. [?]

W. Maurice

Proctor for Master

In which said petition the said Libellants by their proctor A. Gordon Esq. concurred in the words following to writ: