Roberts v. Cargo Ship Ajax

Roberts v. Cargo Ship Ajax

Lower Court

  • Monroe County


  • 1836


  • 476


  • 865


The said ship; and that by a decree of the Court the goods saved and brought to this port by the libellants, be sold, & from the proceeds of such sale, as also from the sale of such damaged goods as have already been sold, a reasonable & proper salvage be decreed to them.

And whereas the judge of the said Court, for the said District hath ordered and decided on Friday the twenty fifth day of November instant for all persons concerned to be cited and intimated to appear at the Court House at Key West in said district to show cause if any they have why judgment should not pass as prayed.

You are therefore hereby authorized empowered & strictly empowered to cite & admonish all persons whatsoever having or purporting to have any right title claim or interest in or to the said cargo of the wrecked sip Ajax, saved as aforesaid, by serving after the said Captain Haire master of the said ship, a true copy of this motion & by all other lawful ways served and methods whereby this motion may be made more public & notorious to be and appear at the true and place aforesaid last aforesaid before the judge aforesaid, & to attend upon every service & direction To be held there & from thence until a definite sentence shall be read & privileged in the said business inclusively, if their or any of them shall think is their duty so to do, to here abide by & perform all & singular judicial acts as are necessary & by law required to be done and