State v. John Armmons

State v. John Armmons

Lower Court

  • Holmes County


  • 1861


  • 473


  • 853



State of Florida


John Ammons




It appearing to the court upon the affidavit of the prisoner that he fears he cannot have a fair and impartial trial in the County of Holmes on account of the prejudice existing against him. It is ordered that the Circuit Court of the Case be changed to this Circuit Court of the County of Jackson to be began and held at Marianna on the 2[nd] Monday of the present month, it is further ordered that all the Witnesses for both the prosecution and defense be Required to be and appear at Said Circuit Court of Jackson County on Tuesday of the Second Week of the Said term thereof to testify in said case, and not depart without the leave of the said Court. It is further ordered that the Clerk of this Court do transmit to the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Jackson County the Indictment and all the original papers in this prosecution on file in his office together with a copy of all the Recognizance of the Witnesses Recognized to appear and testify in this case and it is further ordered that the Sheriff of the County of Holmes do Safely Convey the prisoner to the Jail of the Said County of Jackson and there deliver him to the Sheriff of Said County of Jackson to be Safely Confined in said Jail.

Now on this day personally came Joseph Carrol, Harris Sutty, Nancy Sutty, Albert Parish, Alexander C. Munroe, Eli Wright, William J. Hagan, Angus Gillis Clark-