State v. John Armmons

State v. John Armmons

Lower Court

  • Holmes County


  • 1861


  • 473


  • 853


State of FloridaHolmes County

In the name of the State of Florida to the Sheriff of said County Greeting.We command you that you summon the following named persons personally to be and appear at Hewett's Bluff in said County on the first Monday in November next to serve as Grand and Petit Jurors herein fail not under penalty of the law and make due return of this writ with your endorsement thereon as prescribed by law.

* Thomas Johnson 19. John Smith

* Elbert Jones 20. Wade Harris

* Henry Hewett Jr. 21. Amos L. Rhodes

* Samuel McDuagg 22. Thomas A. Hewett

* John Willis 23. Samuel Tindell

* Robert H. Hewett 24. Etheldred Hewett

* James Hunter 25. David Neill

* Daniel Gillis 26. A. H. Brownell

* Harrison Hagan 27. James Forehand Jr.

* Barnabus Dyson 28. James Dyson

* Larry Standley 29. Simeon Martin

* Stephen E. J. Hanell 30. Moses Chapman

* William J. Hagan 31. John G. Gillis

* John L. Hewett 32. Samuel Gavin

* Seaborn S. L. Hall 33. Jasper Taylor

* William Barnes 34. Alexander Andrews

* William J. Peterson 35. Thomas Younges

* Calvin York 36. Elizah Leavens