State v. John Armmons

State v. John Armmons

Lower Court

  • Holmes County


  • 1861


  • 473


  • 853


At a Circuit Court began and held at t Hewett's Bluff in and for said County of Holmes in the Western Judicial Circuit in the State of Florida on Monday the first day of November AD 1858, present and presiding the Hon J. J. Finley Judge of said Circuit.The venire being called as returned by the Sheriff and the following named persons were drawn and selected to serve as Grand Jurors for the said County of Holmes for the present Term to wit: Anthony H. Brownell, John G. Gillis, Samuel Tindell, Enoch Miller, James Forehand Jr. James Dyson, Moses Chapman, Jasper Taylor, Garry Standley, John Smith, Amos L Roads, William G. Hagan, Samuel Gavin, John L. Hewett, and Wade Harris. And Anthony H. Brownell being selected as foreman of the Grand Jury, and appointed by the Court as such was with his fellows duly sworn and charged by the Court, and entered upon the discharge of their duties for one term. John A Vaughn was appointed and sworn as bailiff of the Grand Jury for the present Term.Wednesday November 3[rd], 1858.Court met pursuant to adjournment present and presiding as on yesterday.