State v. John Armmons

State v. John Armmons

Lower Court

  • Holmes County


  • 1861


  • 473


  • 853



1 Littleton H. Woodard 2 John B. Justife 8 Madison Adams 3 Emanuel Turnge 9 Wilburn Johnson 4 James Bryan 10 Richard D. Jordan 5 Benjamin H. Neel 11 Henry C. King 6 John W Buchanan 12 Mathew J. Grinsley 7 Ashbury Thompson 13 John P. King 14 Joseph Melvin 15 John W. McCraig

Who retired to select their Foreman and returned into Court and presented John B. Justife as their Choice. Who was by the Court accordingly appointed Foreman and together with his fellow Jurors here duly sworn.

And afterwards on the 11[th] day of October AD 1859 during said term, the following order was made in the words and figures full -- owing, to wit,

It is ordered that a special venire facias issue for (50) fifty Jurors to be in attendance on Thursday next at 9 o'clock to serve in the case of the State of Florida Vs John Ammons Indicted for Murder: After which the sheriff returned into court the following named persons as being duly summoned to be in attendance on Thursday next at 9 o'clock, to serve as a special venire facias in the case of the state of Florida Vs John Ammons Indicted for Murder, to wit,

1 Joseph B. Koulhae 26 Moses Legone2 William Tidwell 27 James Stephens3 Adam McNealy 28 John J. Ellis4 Richard D. Rawls 29 James J. Rigly