State v. John Armmons

State v. John Armmons

Lower Court

  • Holmes County


  • 1861


  • 473


  • 853


Nov 3.

Pleas held in the Circuit Court of Jackson County State of Florida in the case of the State of Florida vs John Ammons who stands Indicted of Murder, at the fall term AD 1858 of said Court, began and held in the town of Marianna, beginning on Monday the 8[th] day of November AD 1858 and ending on Monday the 20[th] day of November AD 1858.

Be it Remembered that on the 11[th] day of November AD 1858, during the aforesaid term of said Court, an order was made in said case in the words and figures following to wit,


The State of Florida


John Ammons



Now at this day same the State by its elicitor and the prisoner was led to the bar in the Custody of the Sheriff and being arraigned pleaded not guilty and upon the affidavit made by the prison herein filled this case is continued

And afterwards on the same day to wit the said 11[th] day of November AD 1860 the following named persons were Recognized to appear as witnesses at the next term of said court to testify in said case on behalf of the State of Florida, in the words and figures following to wit,

In open Court personally came Joseph Carroll, Harris Sutley, Nancy Sutley, Alexander C. Munroe, Eli Wright, Angus Gillis, James Peel, William B Thomas, Daniel Brownell, Daniel-