Whipple Aldrich v. Joesph M. Hernadez

Whipple Aldrich v. Joesph M. Hernadez

Lower Court

  • St. Johns County


  • 1857


  • 473


  • 854


hundred and thirty two dollars and fifty seven cents to be made and levied of the [?] and chattels which were of the said Robert McHardy at the time of his death and not administered at or since the commencement of this action and which shall hereafter came to the hands of the said John Radwau James Armand and James [?] to be administered and also dollars and [?]

I [?] Club of the district court of the United States for the [?] of Florida and by law in [?] at the [?] of this date Superior Court do hereby certify that no [?] is a [?] copy of judgment of [?] at page 188-9 of Bank A of [?] of District of [?] Florida [?]