Whipple Aldrich v. Joesph M. Hernadez

Whipple Aldrich v. Joesph M. Hernadez

Lower Court

  • St. Johns County


  • 1857


  • 473


  • 854


Be it remembered that at a Term of [?] Superior Court held in and for the County of St Johns and district of East Florida "held at the city of St Augustine on the 16[th] day of June in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty four being a day of May [?] in said Year

Present [?] Smith


Mary [?] Fontaine


John Rodman

James [?]

James W [?] of State of [?]

[?] deceased



On [?]

This day [?] parties by their Attornies and the Defendant John [?] with the assent of the plaintiff filed the following agreement "I do hereby agree to withdraw the pleas by [?] in this cause except the plea of [?] administrant and do confess the action and the debt [?] and that the plaintiff do recover the sum of three hundred and thirty two dollars and fifty seven cents to be levied of the [?] and chattels which were of the said Robert McHardy at the time of his death and not administered at or since the [?] moment of his action and which shall hereafter [?] to this hands of the said John [?] James Armand and James W Libbey to be administrated.

It is therefore considered by the Court that the plaintiff [?] of the said defendants the aforesaid sum of [?]