Whipple Aldrich v. Joesph M. Hernadez

Whipple Aldrich v. Joesph M. Hernadez

Lower Court

  • St. Johns County


  • 1857


  • 473


  • 854


(signed) John Radwau

Executor of Robert McHardy deceased

Whereupon it is considered by the court that the said john B. O Neal Guardian of Caroline and Eliza McHardy may have execution against the said John Rodwau surviving executive of Robert McHardy deceased for the sum of three hundred and fifty one dollars and seventy cents the [?] and costs heretofore awarded in the said above entitled cause together with the interest therein accrued and also that the said John B. O Neal recover against the said defendant his costs by him in this behalf expended.

[?] Geo. R. Fairbanks Clerk of said [?] Court of the United States for the northern [?] of Florida do hereby certify that the above is a true copy of the record in the above [?] matter [?] the records of said Superior Court by law in my Charge

[?] my hand and seal of said court this 12[th] Nov 1853

Geo. A. Fairbanks