Whipple Aldrich v. Joesph M. Hernadez

Whipple Aldrich v. Joesph M. Hernadez

Lower Court

  • St. Johns County


  • 1857


  • 473


  • 854


Circuit Court, East Florida, St. Johns County

In chancery

The several answer of John Bunch Bonnemaison McHardy one fo the defendants to the Bill of Complaint of Joseph M. Hernandez Executor of the last will and testament of Robert McHardy deceased, complainant against the Defendant Whipple Aldrich administrator of Edward Sherman deceased, John B. O'Neil and other Defendants.

This Defendant now and at all times saving and reserving to himself all advantages and benefits to the errors [?] and imperfections contained in the Said Bill of Complaint of the said Complainant for answer thereto or so much thereof as here addressed this material for him to make answer unto he answering saith that the has been informed and admits it to be true that the said Robert McHardy departed this life at the home and place mentioned in said Complainants Bill of Complaint that at the time of his death he left last will and testament a true copy of which is believed to be annexed to said Bill of Complaint and marked A and that he [?] of said last will and testament are [?] set forth in said complainants Bill of Complain. That by the said last will and testament the said Complainants John Rodman James Ormond James Sibley and William Travers were named and appended Executors thereof that the said Executor [?] qualified and took upon them [?] the administrator of the said Estate of Robert McHardy at the time and name mentioned with Complainants Bill of Complaint; there the said James Ormond James Sibley and William Travers died at the time mentioned in the complainants Bill of Complaint and the said