Whipple Aldrich v. Joesph M. Hernadez

Whipple Aldrich v. Joesph M. Hernadez

Lower Court

  • St. Johns County


  • 1857


  • 473


  • 854


Be in remembrance that at a term of the Superior Court for the Eastern [?] Florida for the [?] has of [?] at the City of St. Augustine of March [?] 1842 audou [?] 21[st] day of march having a day of said form.

Before Mr. Alex Isaac H Bronson

Judge and C

The following proceedings [?] July had of second to [?]

Whipple Aldrich [?]


John Rodman equ.

Serve facias to leave judgment

This day come the plaintiff by his attorney and no plea harm been filed in this case. On [?] of said plaintiff by his attorney, it is considered by the Court that this said plaintiff as administrator of Edmond Sherman have his Executor against the said Defendant as Executor of Robert McHardy for the sum of Eleven Thousand [?] hundred and eleven dollars and thirty three cents, the damages in the said [?] and plaintiffs declaration mentioned [?] thereon to the compiled at the rate of [?] percent per annum [?] the twentieth day of May A o one thousand eight hundred and twenty four till paid, to be made and levied of the land and tenements which were of the said Robert McHardy at the time of his death, and of such personal assets that shall thereafter come to the hands of the said John Rodman as Execution as aforesaid to be