John Miller & Bryan Croom v. Fredrick & Lewis Hoc

John Miller & Bryan Croom v. Fredrick & Lewis Hoc

Lower Court

  • Leon County


  • 1847


  • 473


  • 855


At a Superior Court for the County of Leon continued and held at the Court House in the City of Tallahassee on Saturday the 1[st] of March AD 1845 Present the Honorable Samuel J. Douglas Judge

Fredrick Hoc & Lewis Hoc Plaintiffs

358 vs. in debt

John Miller & Bryan Croom Defendants

Same Plaintiffs

444 vs in debt

Same Defendants

This day came the parties by their attorney's, & by consent of parties it is agreed that the two above causes be submitted to the same Jury: & thereupon came a Jury towit A. J Fisher, M.N. Cutter, J.B. Bull, Geo C. S. Johnson, D.C Wilson , J.H.T Lorimer, B.W Gause, R.S. Hubbard, F.R. Cotton, Pat Smith, E.P. Grant, S.W. Burnett who being elected tried and sworn the truth to speak upon the issues joined, returned a Verdict in the following words "We the Jury find for the plaintiffs and assess the damages at fifteen hundred dollars which includes both cases" Whereupon the defendants by their attorney moved the Court for a new trial & in arrest of judgment, which motions are taken under advisement by the Court.

Florida towit

Leon County

I, Daniel M Raeny Clerk of the Circuit Court in and for said County in the middle Circuit of the State aforesaid do hereby Certify that the foregoing is a true transcript from the records of the late Superior Court for said County Middle.