Forbes v. Apalachicola Land Company

Forbes v. Apalachicola Land Company

Lower Court

  • Franklin County


  • 1853


  • 440


  • 773


The parties in appealing to the Equity of this Court; and that being a stated account & the amount which Defendants insist was there ??, and due only to the heirs of Thomas Forbes, and which said heirs were willing then to take & grant acquaintance full, which would have fully discharged said Trustees on receiving the same, but said heirs were prevented from so doing & put to the trouble expense & delay by default of the Defendants. The Court ??? now that that shall be done which should have been then done & that account stated as of 1[st] June 1839 of $ 13,433.80 as insisted upon by Defendants shall stand as settled at that day and bear the legal rate of Florida interest at that time lawful & current, to wit eight per cent ??? till paid, which is and shall stand as a ??? on all of said lands & premises as the ??? of the original purchase money till paid in behalf of said heirs until paid.

V. That on or before the first day of June ??? the said Trustees shall pay to the Solicitor of said John, Mary, & ??? Executor of William Henry ??? the said sum of 13433 80/100 with interest at eight percent per ??? till paid from said 1[st] June 1839 ?? $ 4477.93 1/3 with like interest to the Solicitor of each _ or in default thereof the ??? of this Court investigate what portions of said Forbes ??? may be sold on the next advantageous term for cash