Forbes v. Apalachicola Land Company

Forbes v. Apalachicola Land Company

Lower Court

  • Franklin County


  • 1853


  • 440


  • 773


The State of Florida

To the Sheriff of Leon County - Greeting:

Whereas, on the motion of the Trustees of the Apalachicola Land Company, alleging that in the record and proceedings and also in the rendition of the decree in a certain cause lately depending in our Circuit Court, sitting as a Court of Chancery, in and for the County of Leon, in the Middle Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida, wherein John Gordon Forbes, surviving Executor of Thomas Forbes, deceased, and in his own right and Mary Sophia Williams (formerly Forbes) and John Joseph Walworth, Executor of William H. Forbes, deceased, and Isabel Ana, Juan Maria, Maria de Jesus, Sarah Loreta, Josefa Catalina, and Rosalia Sophia Forbes, children & heirs of William H. Forbes, deceased, said William H. (deceased) and John Gordon, and Mary Sophia being the only heirs of Thomas Forbes, deceased, are Complainants and Lewis Curtis & George Griswold Trustees of certain persons styling themselves the Apalachicola Land Company & as such claiming to be tenants in possession of certain land mentioned & styled the Forbes Purchase are Defendants, manifest wrong hath happened to the great injury and damage of the said Complainant, an appeal hath been granted to the said Defendants that the record and proceedings aforesaid, being inspected, the Supreme Court of the State aforesaid may cause to be done therein, what of right and according to Equity and good-