Forbes v. Apalachicola Land Company

Forbes v. Apalachicola Land Company

Lower Court

  • Franklin County


  • 1853


  • 440


  • 773


Devises of Thomas Forbes Deed Complainants


Lewis Curtis & George Griswold Trustees Defendants of certain persons styling themselves The Apalachicola Land Company, and as such claiming to be ???? in possession of certain lands mentioned and styled the "Forbes Purchase:

The Honorable Thomas ???? the presiding Judge of this ???, having been of counsel for defendants was disqualified by law from the adjudication of this cause, and the same was by consent of parties tried before & heard by the Honorable George S. Hawkins Judge of the ??? Circuit; and the same was fully argued by counsel to wit by W.H. ???? for complainant & by ??? T. Archer for Defendants, and was submitted upon Bill Answer Replication and all the exhibits, letters Documents & testimony on the files & the printed Record of the case of Colin Mitchell and others against The United States which was printed for the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States in that case & which was referred to by both parties as evidence & history of the case, all of which papers & Documents & evidence were admitted as evidence without objection on either side, and the Court having ??? the same under