State v. Luke, a Slave

State v. Luke, a Slave

Lower Court

  • St. Johns County


  • 1853


  • 440


  • 773


Is Law, shall be personally forthcoming to answer and abide the Final Order Sentenced or Judgments that may be passed in the premise by the Supreme Court, and in case the cause is Remanded is to the Court then that the said Luke shall personally be and appear at the next term of the Circuit Court of this County thereafter is be held to answer in the premises, and not depart from the Court without leave thereof: there this obligation to be [?] otherwise to remain in full force & virtue taken before and approved/// James Pellicer

By me.

P.B. Dumas

Clerk C.C. St. Johns County

I Peter B. Dumas Clerk of the Circuit Court for St. Johns County. Certify the above to be a Correct Transcript of the original Bond on file in the said case of the State of Florida vs. Luke a Slave

In witness in hereof [?] set my hand and affix the Seal of said Court this 10[th] day of November AD1852.

P.B. Dumas C.C. St. Johns County