State v. Luke, a Slave

State v. Luke, a Slave

Lower Court

  • St. Johns County


  • 1853


  • 440


  • 773


Joseph Pacitty, Joseph Andrew, Francis Rogers, Gabriel Pomar, Martin Canova, John Rose, who being duly sworn is well and truly try and true deliberated make between the State of Florida and Luke a Slave belonging is Abraham Dupont and a true account given according to the Evidence upon this Oaths do say, that they find the said Defendant "Guilty" and asked the punishment of [?] months' Imprisonment . Thereupon the attorneys of the Defendant made the following motion and entered the same on the motion docket, to wit.

State of Florida

Vs. Malicious Mischief

Luke a Slave

And now on this Day comes the said Defendant-by his attorneys, Gould & McIntosh, and moves the Court to arrest the Judgments in the above entitled causes- and for a new Trail 1st because the said Defendant had committed no act by which he may be Criminally punished, 2[nd] that the act of which the said Defendant stands convicted was not committed maliciously, nor could be by him as a slave without which this is no offense, And of affirming to wit: on Friday the 10[th] day of November 1851.

Present the Honorable Thomas Douglas, Judge-

The State of Florida


Luke @ Slave

Indictments Maliciously wounding Animals. Motion in arrest of Judgments. The Motion was agreed and submitted. The Court not having time is considered it, the same is contained until the next Term of this Court, And thereupon the following, Recognizances now contain to wit