State v. Francis, a Slave

State v. Francis, a Slave

Lower Court

  • Putnam County


  • 1855


  • 440


  • 773


The forgoing Record having been my me read the matters and things therein contained duly considered it is hereby ordered that the proceedings in this case be stayed and that a writ of supersedes be issued therein.

The Douglas

Associate Justice K.K,

State of Florida

County of Dural

J.J.P.K. Savage Clerk of the Supreme Court of Florida at Jacksonville Eastern District of Florida, do hereby certify that the foregoing Record is true and correct of the original copy form the Clerk's office of Putnam County of said State now on file in this Court. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand ,private seal (there being no seal of Office here) this 12[th] day of February A.D. 1855

J.P. Savage

Clerk S.C

By. A. Daggett