State v. Francis, a Slave

State v. Francis, a Slave

Lower Court

  • Putnam County


  • 1855


  • 440


  • 773


[McQueen] McIntosh Esq. Her attorney, and announced themselves ready for trial, where upon Luke Johns one of the venire men summoned in the regular panel of this term, and William Clark, William C. Duke, Maurice Sanchez, William Sparksman, Gideon Yelingston from the county at large, were elected and tried; and all the other venire men summoned for the said trial who appeared and bystanders called, being challenged for cause excepting one venire man and one bystander. Who were challenged peremptorily by the defendant: and there being no other bystander to make up the Jury for the trial of the said defendant upon the said indictment. It is ordered that a venire Facias be awarded to the Sherriff of this county directed to cause to appear here before the judge of this court tomorrow morning at nine O'clock, fifteen good and lawful householders of whom a sufficient number to make up and complete a jury for this trial may be empanelled and sworn, and the jurors elected as aforesaid are adjourned till tomorrow morning at 9 o clock.

/Signed/ William A. Forward judge

Wednesday April 19 1854. Court met pursuant to adjournment.

Honorable William A. Forward. Judge present

State of Florida

Vs. Assault and Battery

Francis a Slave

Now on this day the defendant being in custody of the Court appeared and the jurors elected for her trial on yesterday appeared in Court according to their adjournment whereupon