State v. Francis, a Slave

State v. Francis, a Slave

Lower Court

  • Putnam County


  • 1855


  • 440


  • 773


of Palatka forthwith to answer the State of Florida to a Bill of indictment for assault & Battery- And have then there this suit.

Milmiss Stanislaus Glinski Clerk of said Court at the Court House the 2rd day of November 1853.

Signed S. Glenski C.C.C.P.G

Executed by arresting Francis a slave this 3[rd] November 1853. Signed R.Y. Boyd, Sheriff.

Thursday November 3[rd] 1853.

State of Florida

Vs Assault and Battery

Francis a Slave

Now on this day came TJ. Jr. G. Rogers Esq. Solicitor who prosecutes the pleas of the State in this behalf and the said Francis a slave by McQueen Mcintosh Esq., her attorney also appeared, and being ready for trial, where upon came a Jury to wit. Marshall Sigger, [?] J. B Ellis, William Norton, John Stricklans, James M. Kingsley, [?] N Dalton Washington Rogers, Barnett Sterward, Peter Munlor and B. Williams, Bryant Osteen, Levy F. Harrygood and lawful men, who were duly sworn, and after hearing the testimony in the in the causes, the argument of counsel and charge of the court retired to consider of their verdict, and after being absent, returned to the court and upon their Oath say "We the Jury find the prisoner Francis guilty of the offense charged, and asses the punishment of twenty nine lashes on the