State v. Francis, a Slave

State v. Francis, a Slave

Lower Court

  • Putnam County


  • 1855


  • 440


  • 773


Who prosecutes the pleas of the State, and the said defendant appeared in person and by her attorney and filed a plea to the said indictment to wit the plea of "not guilty" and thereupon the Court ordered a Jury, to be called, and the following named persons were selected, chosen and sworn upon said Jury to wit; Luke Johns, William Clark, William C. Luke and Maurice Sanchez and thereupon in appearing to the Court that the regular venire was exhausted by challenges peremptory and for cause it was then and there ordered by the Court that a special venire be issued and the same was accordingly done, and it appearing to the Court that the said special venire could not be returned upon the evening of the day whereon the same was issued. The Court proceeded to discharge until the following morning the said Jurors chosen and sworn, as aforesaid after charging them in the manner presented by Law, and thereupon the said defendant by her said attorney objected to the discharge of the said Jurors as aforesaid, and insists that the said Jurors should not be permitted to disperse after being sworn and before a verdict rendered. And thereupon afterwards, to wit on the 19[th] day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and fifty four, a Jury was empanelled and sworn of which Jury were the Jurors aforesaid, and after having heard the evidence and the arguments of counsel, the Court proceeded to charge the said Jury in manner form as appears in and by the written charge of the said Court, of record in his cause, and to which said charge prisoner's