Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Gonorrhea


Page 15
[Recipe]. G. Alois [2 drams]
23. G. assafoited. [2 drams]
G. Myrrh. [half dram]
Sulp. Ferri [half dram]
M. D. 3 gr. pil. 2. Twice daily.
Nitro-Pulv. Ipecac. L.
[Recipe]. Nitras Potass [1 dram]
24. Pulv. Ipecac. L. grs. 24.
Sub. Mur Hyd. grs. 24.
M.D. in chart 6
One every 4. hour. in

Page 16
[Recipe]. Balsam Copaiva [2 drams]
25. Mucel. G. Arabic. [ounce and a half]
Refined Sugar [2 drams]
Aqua Disitil. [2 ounces]
Copaiva & mucilage rubbed
intimately in marble mortar
Sugar dissolved separately in
the water – the two mixtures
then well mixed to by small
portions at a time.
Half of this taken before
breakfast, the other imme-
diately before supper. A
small spoon [sp??] not eaten before
& after each dose.
Armstrong. fevers & consump
tions & B. Copaiva Page 6 [illegible superscript]