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  • Beef Tea


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Beef Tea
[Recipe] Lean Beef cut into shreds 1 lb.
14. Water 1. qt.
Boil for 20 minutes taking
off the scum as it rises.
After it grows cold strain
the liquor. Very nourish-
ing and palatable.
[Recipe]. Pulv. Rhei gr. 10
15. Magnesia [dram and a half]. Fiat. pulvis
To be taken in syrup or molasses
Laxative & antacid, used in
diarrhea, dyspepsia.

Page 12
In the grieving bowel com
plaints of children with
green or sour stools.----
[Recipe] Mag. Calc. [half dram]
16. P. Rhei. gr VIII.
Sacch. alb. [1 dram]
Pulv. g. Arab. [half dram]
Ag. menth. [half ounce]
Ag. fontana [half ounce ?] Misce.
Dose. A tea spoon full.
[Recipe] Magnes alb. XII. gr.
17. Sacch Alb. [2 drams].
Aqua. fontana. [1 ounce].
Terrel. Opii. g tt. III.
Tea spoonful for an infant--every 2
hours until relief is attained.