Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover



Page 121
[Recipe]. Spt. Terebinth. V. Minims.
Tinct catechu. [half a dram]. M.
add. Infus Kramaria [1 ounce].
make into a draught. to be
taken every 4th hour. -- or -
the following Enema.
[Recipe] Spt. Terebenth 30. Minims
Tinct Catechu. [2 drams]
Tinct Opii. XV. Minims
mix. to be mixed in [2 ounces]
decoction of starch.
Used in bad cases of Ty-
phoid fever. L. Lanal-
at the same time the distressing
pain & Lympanetes is much
relieved by stupor of Turpen
tine on hot wet flannel
Brandy [half ounce] to [1 ounce] water every
hour & beef tea alternately.

Page 122
[Recipe] Syr. tolutanus
" ipecac aa f. [1 ounce]
Pulv. acacia. [1 dram]
Tinct Opii Camph
" Lobelea aa f. [3 drams]
Aqua [1 ounce]
Triturate the gum & water
together & add the other ingre
dients in the vial - Dose
Teaspoon full -

[Recipe] Antimonii tartarezate IV grs
Tinct Opii f [1 dram]
Mixture Camph [8 ounces]
Mix tablespoon full every second
hour – in Delerium Tremim
by Dr Graves & in Tyhpoid
fever with much success -