Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Arrow Root,Boiled Flour,Tartar Whey


Page 9
Arrow Root.
[Recipe]. Arrow root. 1. table s. full
11. Sweet milk [half] pint.
Boiling water. [half] pint.
Boil a few moments over fire
Sweetened with loaf sugar
it is one of the best nutri-
ments for children, and
more especially when their
bowels are irritated.
Boiled Flour.
[Recipe]. Fine Flour. 1. pound
12. Tie it up in a linen rag as
tight as possible, and after
frequently dipping it in cold
water, dredge the outside

Page 10
with flour till a crust is
formed round it, which will
prevent the water soaking into
while boiling. It is then to
be boiled until it becomes a
hard, dry mass.
Two or three spoonsful of
this may be grated and
prepared in the same man
ner as arrow root, for
which it forms an excellent
substitute. ------
[Recipe] Tartar Whey –
13. Milk 1. quart.
Crem Tart. [half ounce]
Boil until the curd separates.