Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Diarrhea


Page 107
Hydrated peroxide of Iron.
[Recipe]. Sulph. Ferri. [4 ounces].
Sulph Acid. f. [3 and a half drams].
Nitric Acid. f. [6 drams]. or q.s.
Sol. Ammonia q.s.
Aqua. Oii. disolve [sic]
the Sulph. Ferri in water, add the
the [sic] Sulph. Acid, & boil the
solut. Then add the Nit. Acid
in small portions boiling the
liquid for a minute after each
addition, until the acid ceases
to produce a dark color. Filter
the liquid, allow it to cool, and
add Sol. Ammo. in excess, stir-
ring the mixture briskly; wash
the precipitate with water

Page 108
until the washings yield no
precipitate with chloride of
barium. -----------------
Emmanagogue used in
all cases where there is no or-
ganic lesion of the uterus.
[Recipe]. Gum Myrrh pulv.
" Foetid. "
" Alo. Soc. "
Canthar Wespan. "
Sulph Ferri " aa 24 grs.
Ol. Menth Pip gtt 24.
Syr. Simp. q.s.
to make 24 Pills.
One taken Morn & Bedtime till
slight burning is experienced
during micturation, then dis con? For
a day or two & again resumed &
continue? till the superoen [sp??] of next M. Period.