Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Facial & Dental Neuralgias


Page 105
Dysentery not much fever
[Recipe]. Opium. Gum. Pulv. gn. VIII.
Creosote gtts V.
Pow? Glycyrrh. e.g. to make
8. pills. One taken every
3. ho. & after the last Pill. a
dose Ol. Recini – a strong
pepper cataplasm over the
whole abdomen - constantly
applied – mucilage of Ulm –
Fulva. constant drink –
on improvement the same
Presc. made into 12. Pills one
taken every 4. ho. - 3 or 4
days after the first
So. Med & Surg. Jour.
Vol.3.No 3. Page 149.
Quincy June 1st 147 –

Page 106
[Recipe]. Creta P. P. [1 dram].
Carb. Ferri. Precip XV. grs.
Pulv. Rad Columbo [1 scruple] M.
Divid in chart. No. XX.
[Recipe]. Carb. Potass [1 dram]
Cochineal X grs.
Aq. Boiling O [half]
For an infant a tea spoon
full thrice daily. The dose
increased according to age.
In violent cases much ben-
efit will often accrue from
the simultaneous employment
of this liniment rubbed. Morn &
eve. over the whole spine.
[Recipe]. Harts hom & Ol. Amber. aa. [half ounce]. M.