Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Typhoid Fever


Page 103
Constipation of Bowels.
[Recipe]. Aloes. grs. XX.
Rhai. Pulv. grs. XV.
Gum guaiac. op. grs. XV.
Gum. Myrrh. grs. XX.
Caryoph. grs. X.
Syr. q.s. Mix et. Divid.
Into. IX. Pills. III. To
be taken night & morning
to be increased if necess-
ary. S.J.M. & P. Vol.2. No. 2. P. 154.
---- this presc. was used in an inter-
esting case of Vicarious Min-
struation from an ulcer on
the Right Mamma.---
Quincy. March. 13th 1847---

Page 104
Diarrhea from irritation
of dentition. June 1st 147.
[Recipe]. Gum Arabic. [1 dram].
Saccharum alb. [1 dram].
Creosote gtts IV.
Aqua. [2 ounces]. Mix.
intimately. A tea spoon full
3 times daily during the con-
tinuance of the complaint, &
once daily for sometimes
afterwards as a prophilac-
tic. used very successfully --
in case of 2 mo. standing
June 1st 1847.

So. Med & Surg. Jour. V.3.No 3.P.148.