Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Pertussis,Oleaginous Mixture


Page 101
[Recipe]. Antim . it Pot. Tart. gr. VI.
190. Aq. Cinnam. [6 ounces]
Acet. Opii, gtt. XII. M.
Dose [half ounce] every 2 hours for the
first day, the quantity may
be increased by 1. or 2. grs. Daily
until 10, 12, or 15 gn. are given
in the 24. hours. Signs which
promise success are the tolerance
or absence of evacuations, observa-
ble after the 2nd or 3rd dose, & diminishing
frequency of pulse, & feeling of
improvement. (Bricheteau.)
Dunglison; Practica V.1.P.314
B. Not prescribed when there is

Page 102
Where the above is in a denpable
another revellent agency may be
had resonable [sp?? Sic] to with advantage
after bleeding as the case requires –
[Recipe]. Hydrarchlor. Mit. gr. IV
191. Conserv. rosar. gr. XII. -- f. massain
pil. IV. divid. Dose 1 Pil every
6 hour. along with these pills, blis-
tered surfaces if such there be, may
be duped with the strong Mer. Oint.
& continued until the peculiar action
of the Mercury is manifest----
the system not easily affected by
Mercury when the organic actions
are greatly excited.
Dunglison's Rec. V. 1. Page. 315.