Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Purgative Draught, Tonic for Strength


Page 97
[Recipe]. Castor. [2 drams]. Musk. [half dram].
181. well pulverized & made
into common sized Pills
with a little castile soap.
One taken 2, 3, or 4 times a day.
----------------- Wm [m is superscript] Ballard
[Recipe]. Distil cherry Laurel water [4 ounces]
182. Sulph Ether---- [1 ounce]
Ext Belladonna. [2 scruples]
Mix. Med. Jour. Med. Sci
No 28. Page 497-----
[Recipe]. Ol. Olerr. D. molasses in
183. Equal quantities.
of this two tea spoon fulls
may be given for a dose.

Page 98
Mixture with Syrup Scilla.
[Recipe]. Syrupi Scilla. [half ounce].
184. Tr. Opii Camph. [2 drams]
Vini Anlemonii [1 dram]
P. Gum Arab. [half dram].
Aqua Distil. [2 ounces].
Mix. it signa. A tea spoon
Full every hour or two.
Particularly for children.
Ellis's Formulary
Page 74.
Colic. Sept. 23rd. 1846.
[Recipe]. Mucl. G. Acacia. [3 drams].
185 Sacch. Alb. par. [3 drams]
Spt Terebenth [1 dram]
Mag. Culc. gr. VII. M.
A tea spoonful every 3rd ho.
Condie on Children P. 198