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Physician's Journal Cover


  • Rice Gruel,Panads,Sago,Tapioca Jelly


Page 7
Rice Gruel.
[Recipe]. Ground Rice... ... [1 ounce]
7. Cinnamon [1 dram]
Water 1. qt.
Boil 40 minutes adding
the aromatic near the
conclusion. Strain & sweet-
en it. Wine may be added
if necessary.
[Recipe] Wheat Bread [1 ounce]
8. Cinnamon [1 dram]
Water 1 pint.
Boil until mixed, add grated
nutmeg & sugar. Wine or butter
may also be added if desirable.

Page 8
[Recipe] Sago 2 spoonful
9. Water 1 pint
Boil gently until it thickens,
frequently stirring. Wine
sugar, & nutmeg may be
added, according to circumstan
Tapioca Jelly.
Tapioca. 2. Spoonful
[Recipe] Water 1. Pint
10. Boil gently for one hour, or
until it assume a jelly-like
appearance. Add sugar,
wine, & nutmeg, with lemon
juice, to suit the taste, & case.