Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Rad. Columbo,Anthelmentic Solution,Oleaginous Mixture


Page 95
Hysteria, Nervous Headache.
[Recipe]. Pulv. Valer. Rad. [1 scruple].
175 Pulv. Cinnam. Comp. gr. X.
M. A powder to be taken every
four hours. -----
In Palpitations, with great
nervous irritability.---
[Recipe]. Tinct. Digit. m X.
176. Tinct. Columba. [1 dram]
Mist. Camph. [1 ounce] M.
Fiat. Haustus. To be taken
twice or three times a day.
[Recipe]. Tr. Opii. M. iii. Vin. Ipecac [5 drams].
177. Syr. Tolut. [3 drams]. Soda Carb. [1 scruple].
Aqua Rose. [1 ounce]. M. ft. Mist.
teaspoonful every 4 hours.
to infants in whooping cough [1 scruple]

Page 96
Diarrhea August 25th 1845
recent cases.
[Recipe]. Gum Opii gn. iii [Along outside edge, written vertically:]
178 P. Ipecac. gn. XII Dose, One
Calomel. gn. II. Every 4 ho
Conserv. rosar. q. s. M. it
Divd into 12 pills.
Eberle V. 2
Page 302.
[Recipe]. Pulv Ipecac Comp. [1 dram]
179 Pulv: Acetat. Plumtri gr Vi
M. Divid into 6 equal parts
One every 4 hours.
Eberle Vol 2
Page 304
[Recipe]. Creta ppt. XII
180. Pulv Doveri gn. IV
mix for a dose every 3 or
4 hours. Eberle V. 1.
Page 217.