Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Diarrhea,Troublesome Cough


Page 91
[Recipe]. Subcarb. Soda. [2 scruples]
166 Creta ppt. [1 scruple]
Pulv. gum Arab.
Saccr. Alb. aa ---- [half dram]
Aqua distillat. [2 ounces]
Ol. Anisi gtt ii.
M. Dose teaspoon full every
2, 3 or 4 hours in bowels
complaints children.
Chalk Mixture.
[Recipe]. Creta ppt. ---- [2 drams]
167. P. Gum Arabic.
Sacch. Alb. aa [1 and a half drams]
Tinct Opii gtt 40
Ol. cinnam gtt ii
Aq. distillat. [4 ounces]
M. table spoon full every
hour or two.

Page 92
Pertussis. July 28th 1845
[Recipe]. Sub. Carb. Potass. [1 scruple]
168. Coccus Cacti. grs. X.
Aqua [4 ounces]. M.
to be sweetened with Loaf
sugar. dose teaspoon full
4, 5, 6 times a day.
Chapman Lectures
[Recipe]. Carb. Soda. gr II.
169. Vin. Ipecac. gtt V.
Tinct Opii I
Aq. Font. [1 dram] M.
The whole given at once & repeated
every 3 hours for a child 1 yr. old.
Doct. Pearson's Receipt. [??? Sp]