Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Hydrated Peroxide of Iron


Page 89
Certain Cure for Enysipelas.
[Recipe]. As soon as the part is af-
163. fected, rub sweet oil
over it thick; then sprin-
kle fine flour over the
oil until a thick coat is
formed; covering this coat
with cotton batting – wrap
the whole with a ban-
dage, the object to keep
the air entirely from
the affected part. Keep
the bowel, open with
Peruvian Bark in Wine.
Greensboro Pat. from
Charlotte Journal
Quincy July 22nd 1845.

Page 90
Dinner Pills. July 10th 1845
[Recipe]. Gum Mastic.
164. P. Aloes. Opt. aa. [1 dram]
Pulv Ipecac. gr. X.
Ol. Carni gtt X.
Mucil G. Arabic q.s. ft. Mass.
divid in pelula. No 20. ---
Chapman's Thoracic
& abdom. & Viscera.
Page 225
Dyspepsia – from Chapman
same page
[Recipe]. Pulv. R. Rhai. [2 drams]
165 Pulv Ipecac. gr. X.
Ol. Carni gtt X.
Syrup Conimu q.s. ft.
Mas s. it Divid. in Pill 40.
2 or 3 taken at bed time.