Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Dysentery,Pertussis


Page 87
Tonic. June 1845.
[Recipe]. Flor Sulph. 2 tablespoons
159. Sulph. Ferri 2 ditto.
Sol Nitri 2 ditto.
Anvil Dust 2 ditto.
Ginger. 2 ditto.
Pulv. & Sift. & add 1 Pint
Surup to be well mixed
Dose tea spoon full for
an adult 3 times a day
before Meals. ----
Dinner Pills
[Recipe]. Aloes opt. [6 drams]
160. Mastich et Rhai aa [2 drams]
Syrup de Absinthe. q.s. f. M [unreadable]
divid. in Pelula. of 3 gn

Page 88
[Recipe]. Pulv. Columbo.
161. Ferri. Carb. Pracip.
Pulv. R Rhai
Pulv Zingeb. Aa [1 dram]
Sulph Ferri [2 scruples]
M. it Divid. in chart. No 12.
1 Sumend. 3 times a day
in Syrup.--------
[Recipe]. Bicarb. Soda. [1 dram]
162 disolved in [4 ounces]. spring water.
Add [1 dram] Tr. Chlor. Ferri. This
to be taken 3 times a day
during effervescence.
Mr. Carmichael of Dublin recom
mends the above mode of exhib
iting the precip. Carbonate.