Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Constipation of Bowels


Page 85
Rx. Senega. Pol. [1 ounce]
156. Nit Potass [1 ounce]
Cinnamon [1 dram]. M.
Simmer one hour decant
cool Dose 1 1/2 [1 ounce]
Acute Rheumatism.
[Recipe] Vinum Colchicum. [1 dram]
from the suds –
157. Tart Emit 1 or 2 gs
Disolve in 4 oz. camp. water.
With some sugar. 1 Dose
Tablespoon full every hour.
Stokes & Bell Practic
Page 640. –
the action more evident if 20. or 30. gtt.
of Tr Opii is added.
May 8th 1845.
Quincy. Florida.

Page 86
Tooth ache. May 28 th 1845
[Recipe]. Carb. Ammonia. gr. X.
158. Sedatene Sol. Opii M. XV.;
Vin. Ipecac M. XV.
Vin Colcheci M. X.
Camph. Mixt. X. [dram]. M.
will remove tooth ache in a
few minutes, say 10 or 15, if
the bowels are not costin.
The dose proportioned to the viol
ence of the pain.
Western & Southern
Mid. [sic] Recorder
Vol 1. No 4th
Page 184.