Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Pneumonia


Page 83
In Recent Opethalmia
[Reciep]. Alum Curd, this is made
153. by rubbing a piece of it in
the white of an egg. It
should be spread on a fold
of linen & apply'd to the egg.
in extreme dibility of
the stomach altereded [sic]
with vomiting and
spasms as in drunken-
ness Cardialgia, or as
in Pregnant women
[Recipe]. Aq Amon
154 Calc Magnes aa [1 dram]

Page 84
Aq. Cinnamon
Aq. font. [4 ounces].
Of this a table spoon full
May be taken when unea-
seness is felt.
Ginorrhoa. [sic]
[Recipe]. Balsam Copaiva [2 ounces]
155. Spt Nit Dulc. [1 ounce]
Tinct Opii Acel. [1 ounce]
This is an excellent
preparation succeeded
so far in every case I
have tried
April 25th 1845. IMWlard [sp??]