Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Obstinate Intermittent,Chronic Gastritis


Page 81
Salts combined in the
[Recipe]. proportion of [2 drams] of Epsom
150 Salts to one of Calc. Magnis
is a valuable purgative.
Well adapted to bilious
fevers after evacuations
of Calomel.
[Recipe] Sulph Soda. [2 drams]
151. Sulph Magnes. [1 dram]
Soda Muriat gr. X.
Sulph. Terri. gr I.
This for a Dose

Page 82
Oleaginous Mixture
[Recipe]. Ol. Recini [1 ounce]
152. P.G. Arabic. [2 drams]
Sacchar. Alb. [1 dram]
Tinct Opii gtt XII
Aq Menth. [2 ounces]
A table spoon full to be
repeated. Where much
acidity we may take
the white of an egg for
the Gum Arabic and
Lime water for the
Mint water.-------