Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Antispasmodic,Mixture with Syrup Scilla.,Colic


Page 79
---appear assisted by
Chicken water, wine
blisters to Spine neck
abdomen & chest.---
Secondary Syphilis with
Cancer of the Bones.
[Recipe]. Cenchona [half ounce]
147 Catechu [2 drams]
Cenvoli Ialap. [2 drams]
Pulv Rhai [2 drams]
Tinct Assafoct. [half ounce]
Musk gr. II
Gum Opium gr XV
Aq fontan Oiii Boil
down to half Table spoon full 3
times a day. Oi Dreve. Sarsapa–
drank each day. ----

Page 80
Gripes. Colic H. of Infants
{Recipe]. Calc. Magnes. gr. XXX.
148. Pulv. Rhai gr. VIII.
Sacchar alb. [1 dram]
Ol. Anisi gtt III.
Tinct Opii gtt V
Aq font. [1 ounce and a half].
Dose a teaspoon full.
Anti-Dysenteric Pills.
[Recipe]. Pulv. Ialap.
149. pulv. Ipecac aa [2 scruples]
Tart Emet. gr. X
Mis. et. f. Pill. No 32.
----- 1 [unreadable superscript] Sumend ter in die.