Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Hysteria,Nervous Headache,Whooping Cough,Diarrhea


Page 77
The following preparations pro-
duced remarkably good
effects in a case of Dropsy
supervene on Acute Bron-
chites after the frebrile sym
toms were removed by
General Bloodletting.
[Recipe]. Mixture amy g dal. [7 ounces]
145. Antem. Tart. gr. I
Nit Potass [2 drams]
Tinct Hyosciam [1 dram and a half]
Tinct Digitalis [half dram]
M. table spoon full
taken every hour.---

Page 78
The following is well
adapted to the last stage
of severe fevers when the
powers of life are fail-
ing rapidly, attended with
jaculation low muttering
delerium oppressed breath-
ing Pulse rapid, small &
failing a state threatening
Disolution [sic].
[Recipe] Mixt Camph. [1 ounce]
146. Hoff anodim Mict. [half dram]
Spt. Am Aromat. [half dram]
Moschi gr. VIII
M. whole taken at a draught
every second hour until
symptoms of reaction