Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Sage Tea,Lemonade,Water Gruel,Milk for Infants


Page 5
Sage Tea.
[Recipe]. Dried leaves of Sage. [half ounce].
3. Boiling water. 1. quart.
Infuse for ½ hour & strain.
Sugar & lemon juice may
be added to suit the taste.
[Recipe]. Lemon Juice. 4 oz.
4. Lemon Peel (there) [half ounce]
White Sugar. 4 oz.
Boiling water 3 pints.
Let them stand until cool,
then strain for use.
Employed in fevers, a
little nitrate of Potass. or
Spt. Nat. D. may be added.

Page 6
Water Gruel
[Recipe]. Oatmeal... ... .[2 ounces]
5. Water 1. quart
Boil for ten or 15 minutes
& strain adding sugar & salt
to make it agreeable.
Milk for Infants
[Recipe]. Cow’s milk 1. part
6. Water 2. Parts
Loaf sugar, as much as
may be agreeable.
These proportions may be
altered as the child advan
ces in age.