Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Infus. Wild cherry Bark,Columbo Iron & Ginger,Tonic,Antispasmodic,Castor & Ether


Page 75
Plaster in Hepatitis Dyspepsia &
[Recipe]. Ext. Cienta
142. mer. Oint. aa [2 drams]
Iodine [1 scruple].
Disolve [sic] the Iodine in a few
drops of alcohol, then add
the other ingredients incor-
porate well & spead [sic] on a
piece of buck skin apply
to the stomach in Dyspep
sia the side in Hepatitis &
the Heart in consumption

Page 76
Belladonna Plaster for
Hepatitis Neuralgia.
[Recipe]. Ext. Belladonna. III parts
143. P. Gum ammononeaeum.
Soap Plaster aa i part
Anodyne Epithegne in Neural
gia affections of Liver
with the internal use of
Carb. Ferri.---

Laxative Pills
[Recipe] Soct. Aloes [2 drams and a half]
144. G. Assafoct. [2 drams]
G. Galbanam [1 dram]. M.
et. fit. Pill. 64.