Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


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Page 69
Delpech's potion for
[Recipe]. Mint water
131 Orange flower water
Lemon Syrup
Bals. Copaiva aa [1 ounce]
Sulph Acid [2 drams]
Gum Tragacanth q.s. M.
Dose spoon full night & morn
American Jour.
Med. Scien.
Vol. 19. P. 222.
[Recipe]. Manna. Opt. [2 drams]
132 Potass Tart. [3 drams]
Infus Senna [1 ounce and a half]
for a Dose.

Page 70
[Recipe]. Bals. Copaiva f. [2 drams]
133. Pulv. Acacia [2 drams]
Sacchari. [3 drams]
Liq. Potassa. f. [1 drams and a half].
Spt. Myristica. f. [1 dram]
Aqua. f. [6 ounces]. ft.
Capiat. Cochlearia ii ter die.
wash mouth after using –
Month. Jor. for. Med.
Vol. III. Page 422.

[Recipe]. Sal. Volatile [2 scruples]
134. Gum Arabic.
Sacc. alb. aa [1 dram]
Table spoon full. Dose.