Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • Acute Rheumatism,Tooth Ache


Page 67
Tonic Astringent Pills
of Walch.
[Recipe]. Terebinth Vinet.
127 Ext. Gint. aa [2 drams]
Feni Sulp.
Rino aa [1 dram and a half]. M.
To be made into pill, of a
grain & a half each. Very
efficacious in cure of
Gonorrhea & chronic Leu-
Elix. Asthmah.
[Recipe]. Gum Opii
128. Gum. Mast. aa [half ounce].
Ext. Glyeyrrhya. [1 ounce].
Spt. Rectif. [4 pounds].

Page 68
Injections in Stercoraceous
Colic --------------active.
[Recipe]. Ol. Recini. [2 ounces].
129 Ol. Terebinth. [half ounce].
Gruel or Flax seed.
Mucilage. 1 pint
Tinct assafoet. [2 drams].
Stokes & Bell. V. I.P.314.
Ferri Mur. in Diabetes Melletus.
[Recipe]. Tinct Opii [half dram]
130. Tr Ferri. Mur. [2 drams]
Sulph. Quinine gr. VIII
Aq. Distil. [7 ounces]. M.
One [1 ounce] three times a day. Strict
diet of animal food.
Am. Jour. MS. New Ser. No. 1. P. 218.