Physician's Journal Cover

Physician's Journal Cover


  • In Recent Opethalmia,Aq. Cinnamon,Gonorrhea


Page 65
Purgative Pills
[Recipe]. Soct. Aloes.
123 Pulv. Ialap. aa [2 drams].
Submur Hyd.
Castile Soap. aa [1 dram].
Syrup. Q.s Make
40 pills. Dose 3 or 4 at
night, if the have not the
Desired effect, repeat in
morning at 8 oclock.
Ascetes. Quincy August 2, 1843
[Recipe]. Scilla. Mar. gr. Ii
124. Pulv. Cal.
" Digital. aa. [Half]
Mix f. Pil. W 6.
unam. Tres. heva.

Page 66
Ingection [sic] in Gonorrhea.
[Recipe]. Sulph. Zinci gr. X
125. Sacch. Saturni Xii.
Tinct Thabaic. [1 dram]
Mimosa Nilotica. [2 drams].
Aq. font. [3 ounces]. m.
Chronic Diarrhea.
[Recipe]. Acetate Plumb. gr. Ii
126. Pulv. Opium gr. 1/4.
M. Three times a day.
with same intention you
may use the Turpentines &
Balsams. Also Strychnine.
valuable remedy used by
Dr. Graves. Dose 1/12 of a
grain. Stokes & Bell V.I. 203.
[Along inside:] made into Pills & taken 3 times
a day–